Terrance is a role model of strength, leadership, and perseverance. He began volunteering in a hospital at the age of 14, loved working in healthcare, and decided to make healthcare his life’s work. With the death of his mother when he was a senior in high school, Terrance became responsible for his family of 11 brothers and 4 sisters. He successfully graduated high school and went to work in the healthcare industry. For the last five years, Terrance has worked as a Mental Health Worker at Episcopal Hospital. He knew he wanted to pursue a degree and was inspired by the large number of Episcopal workers taking classes through the Training Fund. In 2012, he was awarded a full time scholarship from the Training Fund to attend Delaware County Community College for Healthcare Management. Terrance experienced a great tragedy during college with the death of his oldest son from a car accident. Despite this horrendous loss, Terrance graduated on time and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Drexel University.

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