Nursing Is a High-Growth, High Skill, High-Wage, And High-Responsibility Occupation.

Today’s nurses can get started on their career pathways from any one of a variety of on-ramps, with different training requirements and many potential paths to career advancement. The Training Fund offers programs to help District 1199C union members and community students of all ages access many of these potential entry points, in collaboration with our partners at the Health & Technology Training Institute (HTTI).

There are many different entry points to a Nursing career, with different educational and training requirements. The District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund can help prepare you for many different Nursing careers.

Nursing Pathways

Semi-skilled Position

Home Health Aide

  • 3-months (part-time) Certificate program (for English Language Learners)
  • 2,150 openings / year in the Delaware Valley

Community Health Worker

  • 3-months (part-time) Certificate program
  • Emerging Occupation: Help patients and neighbors manage their healthcare

Entry Level Nursing

Nurse Aide    

  • 4-months (part-time) Prep for State registry
  • 2,378 openings / year in the Delaware Valley

1st Level Professional Licensure

Practical Nurse 

  • 20-months (part-time) post-secondary
  • 1,050 openings / year in the Delaware Valley

2nd Level Professional Licensure

Registered Nurse

  • Diploma or Associate Degree
  • 5,916 openings / year in the Delaware Valley

Bachelor of Science in Nursing  

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Master of Science in Nursing    

  • Master’s Degree

Home Health Aide Training for English As A Second Language Learners – Free!

• Prepare for work in the USA

• Train for a healthcare career

• Improve English language skills

• Learn medical-related English

To find out more, please contact Michael Westover, Director of College & Career Readiness Programs,, (215) 568-2220 ext 129.

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Nurse Aide Training

Nurse Aides (NAs) provide basic patient care under the direction of nursing staff.
The Training Fund’s Nurse Aide training program provides classroom instruction, laboratory experience, clinical training, and CPR certification. Graduates are eligible to take the Credentia competency examination and to be placed on the Pennsylvania Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry.

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Have Questions?

For more information, contact Traci Kinsler, HTTI Nurse Aide Program Administration, (215) 568-2220 ext 114,, or Bernadette Jackson, Nurse Aide Program Manager, (215) 568-2220 ext 110,

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Practical Nursing Program

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) work on the front lines of patient care in a wide range of settings.
Becoming an LPN can be the first step towards a career as a Registered Nurse (RN), or a rewarding long-term career. The HTTI Practical Nursing Program is a 22-month, part time evening and weekend course of study especially designed for working adults.

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Have Questions?

For more information, contact Jo Ann Miller, Practical Nursing Program Administration, (215) 568-2220 ext 117, or Shona Murphy, Director of Practical Nursing Program, Chief Administrator Officer HTTI, (215) 568-2220 ext 120,

Registered Apprenticeship Program

The care economy is the fastest growing economy as the demand for early childhood education and healthcare is increasing throughout the country. Occupations such as Pre-K Teacher, Early Childhood Educator, Child Development Specialist, Nursing, Personal and Home Health Assistants, and more will increase by almost 40% in the coming years.

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