“My name is Chareda Wesley. I was at a job for 12 years that no longer served a purpose to me. I enrolled at HTTI as an adult learner and was able to still work and take care of my family. I attended their CNA program which introduced me to fellow instructors that taught their LPN program. The LPN program was very extensive and required a lot of time and more money. During my time within the program, I was receiving tuition reimbursement from my union 1199c who partners with HTTI to help adult learners grow. The education fund was taken out of my facility, and I had to find other means to help me pay my way through the program. but with help from the staff and outside sources within the community I was able to succeed and work at a new company that HTTI also partners with, and they helped me pay for the remainder. I am ever so grateful for HTTI they helped me level up twice!”

Chareda Wesley
Class of 2023

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