Bianca Ferreira, MPH, was an intern with the HWWH program in 2013-14 while she finished her graduate degree in Public Health, concentrating in Environmental & Occupational Health at Drexel University. She interviewed frontline District 1199C union members to explore how they were exposed to occupational eye injury, and to uncover the best ways to provide education about protecting workers eyesight on the job.

Together with Safety Manager Ellie Barbarash and management partners at Jefferson, Temple and Inglis House, Bianca developed a safety training program called Eye Safety in Healthcare. She wrote up her findings in a Poster called Improving Eye Safety Training and Education for Frontline Healthcare Workers. Bianca and faculty from the Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health presented her poster at the annual American Public Health Association conference in Chicago in November 2015.

“With HWWH’s support, Inglis has significantly lowered its OSHA recordable numbers while seeing a large increase in the overall number of reports taken. This speaks to a new safety culture, one in which people trust us to intervene on their behalf to help solve issues before they become injuries. HWWH’s role is an important one, and our employees have definitely benefited from having this assistance!”

Joseph W. Kauffman

Safety Manager, Inglis

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