Leading the Way in Sterile Processing Training

Founded in June 2017, Aseptic Technical Solutions (ATS) has quickly emerged as a leader in sterile processing training and consulting. With a mission to offer a comprehensive course catering to diverse educational backgrounds, ATS has developed an innovative curriculum. Partnering with esteemed healthcare facilities like Thomas Jefferson Health System, Crozier Health System, Trinity Health System, and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, ATS ensures high-quality training and real-world application.

Visionary Founders

Michael Thinner and Terry Scott, seasoned sterile processing professionals, observed significant industry gaps and transitioned from their hospital roles to establish ATS. Their curriculum, emphasizing hands-on learning and adult learning principles, ensures students gain practical skills and knowledge necessary for success in the sterile processing field.

Providing Pathways

ATS’s mission goes beyond training, aiming to effect change in violence-affected communities, particularly those plagued by gun violence. By accepting at-risk young adults into the program, ATS offers them a constructive alternative. Participants receive training for careers in sterile processing, along with extensive professional development, transforming them into credentialed professionals and positive community role models.

Strategic Partnerships

ATS collaborates with various community organizations known for addressing community concerns. Partners include the NOMO Foundation, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Senior Leadership, Delaware County officials, Unity in the Community, the Philadelphia Library, and Drexel University’s Workforce and Economic Inclusion Program. These partnerships are crucial in selecting the best candidates for ATS programs, ensuring those who benefit most are given the opportunity.

Innovative Training Programs

ATS provides comprehensive training and certification programs for sterile processing professionals. Their unique approach combines technical knowledge with essential soft skills, such as email etiquette, responding to criticism, and understanding cultural diversity. The apprenticeship program, a cornerstone of ATS’s model, offers practical knowledge and mentorship. Flexible and supportive, the program includes additional certification modules and retake options to ensure student success.

Impressive Success Rates

ATS goes beyond training by partnering with local healthcare facilities to secure mandatory 400-hour internships for students, enhancing employability. Since its inception, ATS has achieved a 70% pass rate for participants taking the HSPA certification exam. Additionally, two out of three students become Sterile Processing Technicians. The focus on one-on-one attention and personalized strategy sessions has proven particularly effective, catering to a diverse student body with an average age of 33-34 years.

Lifelong Mentorship

Mentorship is a vital component of ATS’s offerings. Founders Michael and Terry share numerous stories of how their guidance has positively impacted students’ lives, from helping individuals in foreclosure find stability to changing life trajectories. The mentorship provided by ATS extends beyond professional development, offering profound support and guidance.

Expanding Horizons

ATS has expanded into broader areas of professional development, consulting, and staffing. Annual conferences and a strong brand reputation have opened doors to significant projects, including the University of Maryland Medical Center, Thomas Jefferson Health System, and a partnership with Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. Strategic use of word-of-mouth marketing and social media, particularly Google reviews, has been instrumental in attracting new students and clients.

Call for Support

While ATS offers scholarships to some students in each cohort, many more could benefit but lack financial means. Donations to the ATS scholarship fund are essential to allow more students to participate without financial burden. These donations also ensure operational funding for the program, enabling ATS to continue transforming lives and positively impacting communities.

A Testament to Transformation

Aseptic Technical Solutions stands as a testament to how dedication to quality training, professional development, and mentorship can transform an industry. Michael Thinner and Terry Scott’s commitment to their mission and vision has built a successful company and made a lasting impact on many healthcare professionals’ lives. Their story illustrates the power of expertise, innovation, and genuine care for student success, ultimately changing lives and communities for the better.

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