Sustaining the Apprenticeship Program

Lynda Calvano, Owner/Director of Care A-Lot Children’s Center, reports, “I am fortunate because my coach and apprentice are so good. I thought I had a good system of supporting both of them and doing what 1199C needed us to do. Through this directors group, I have learned that there was much more to do to make the program grow and be sustained here at Care-A-lot. As a result, we have developed a handbook for the apprenticeship, including some new policies and procedures that support the apprentices, the coach and the program. We have created a coaches’ book where she records all the progress the apprentice has had and any challenges that needed to be addressed. I have also been able to use both tools and the policies to help orient the next teacher who will participate in the 1199C Apprenticeship starting this summer.” Like several of the other directors, Lynda recognizes that this project is also about building systems that support her leadership.

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