You choose the career,
together we chart the path.

Staff Listings




Cheryl Feldman
Executive Director

Cheryl Feldman, MSW, has worked in the field of workforce development at the Training Fund since 1977, and has served as the Fund’s Executive Director since 2002. She is considered a national expert in the integration of education and workforce programming, and presents regularly on the career pathway model developed by the Training Fund. Cheryl serves on the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success, chairing its Healthcare Industry Advisory Committee. She also serves on the "Philadelphia Works, Inc." Philadelphia Workforce Development Board, the US Department of Labor Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship, and the Philadelphia Academies, Inc. Board.

Juliet Fink-Yates
Director,Workforce Development

Director, Greater
Philadelphia Healthcare Partnership

Elizabeth Hammond
Director, Finance & Administration

James Keller
Director, Employer &
Career Services

Michael Westover-Callsen
Director, College &
Career Readiness Programs

Karen Poles M.Ed, MSN (Candidate), BSN, RN
Director, Nursing Department

Chief Administrative Officer,
Health & Technology Training Institute




  Mike Boesz
CCR Case Manager/Transition Coach
  Carol Bloom
IELCE Program Coordinator
  Lynne Blumberg IECLE Case Manager/Tutoring Coordinator
  Margaret Bush
College & Career Readiness Instructor
  Teresa Byrd Assessment Specialist
  Michelle Campbell College & Career Readiness Lead Instructor
  Sherette Campbell Youth Nurse Aide Program Coordinator
  Stacy Campbell Scholarship & Tuition Reimbursement/Administration Coordinator
  Peter Chomko Grants & Special Projects Manager
  Denise Clark-Price Practical Nursing Program Administration
  Teresa Collins
Early Childhood Education Manager
  Charles Cunningham Worksite Liaison
  Nate Dixon
Financial Coach, "Bridges to Career Opportunities" Program
  Freida Drewery Administrative Assistant
  Den'Nisha Dubose Family Child Care Support Specialist
  Daisy Faison Administrative Assistant
  Arlyn Freed ESL Program Coordinator
  Lynette Hazelton Communications Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
  Bernadette Jackson Nurse Aide Manager & Acting Director, HTTI
  Ta'Mora Jackson
ECE Apprenticeship Program Coordinator (Philadelphia)
  Dawn Johnson Vocational Skills Training Programs Coordinator
  Yattah Jones
Youth Data Specialist
  Mark Karcz Opioid Crisis Response Program Manager
  Sherilynn Kimble
Child Development Associate (CDA) Instructor
  Traci Kinsler HTTI Nurse Aide Program Administration
  Kristine Kochel Young Adult Program Manager
  Valry Leroy
Employer Liaison, "Ready to Work" On-the-Job Training Project
  Kahlil Mack Placement & Retention Coordinator
  Shona Murphy
HTTI Nurse Aide Instructor
  Mariam Oladosu
Occupational Safety Center Program Assistant
  Renee Orgill Vocational Skills Training Programs Career Coach
  Lydia Parsons
STEAM Specialist & Instructor, GED to Health Careers Program
  Sharon Pugh Accounting/HR Office
  Jen Reibsane  Occupational Safety Center Training Coordinator
  Lowreen Richardson CCR Data Specialist
  Stephen Ridley Career Pathways/Behavioral Health
  Lissette Rivera  Child Development Associate (CDA) Instructor
  Sarah Robbins Young Adult Partnerships Manager
  Vince Robinson College & Career Readiness Instructor
  Erika Shearlds-Hill
Retention Coach, "Bridges to Career Opportunities" Program
  Whedai Sheriff GED to Health Careers Program Coordinator
  Sharadora Sisco CCR Lead Career Coach/Program Coordinator
  Harriet Smith
P/T Consultant
  Todd Streigel Instructor, GED to Health Careers
  Lekeisha Thomas Accounting Analyst
  Haomin Tian
IT Support Specialist
  Lisa Wallace Apprenticeship Program Administration Specialist
  Stephanie Webb Senior Programs Manager
  Francine Wharton
ECE Apprenticeship Program Coordinator (Delco/Chesco)
  Kehinde Whetstone  Case Manager, Behavior Health & Opioid Crisis Response Programs
  Roland Williams  Case Manager, GED to Health Careers Program
  Geoff Woodland
College & Career Readiness Instructor
Practical Nursing Program Administration
Practical Nursing Program Administration

Natalie McGraw Nurse Aide Program Lead Instructor