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Teresa Collins
Executive Director

Teresa Collins has 25 years of experience in early childhood education and workforce compliance. Teresa has worked with the Training Fund for the last five years, leading innovative programs to expand affordable Pre-Kindergarten for low-income families, and implementing a statewide apprenticeship program in early childhood education.

With an undergraduate degree from Penn State in human behavior, specializing in early childhood, and a master’s degree in holistic nutrition, Teresa has spent her life working to help people – severely handicapped children, people with HIV/AIDS, mothers and children.

tcollins [at] 1199ctraining [dot] org
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Jim Keller
Director of Employer & Career Services               


James Moretti
Director of Finance & Administration


Karen Poles M.Ed, MSN (Candidate), BSN, RN
Nursing Director and Chief Administrative Officer, Health & Technology Training Institute

x 5106

Michael Westover-Callsen
Director of College & Career Readiness Programs

x 5514

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  Carol Bloom
IELCE Program Coordinator  5312  cbloom
  Lynne Blumberg IECLE Case Manager/Tutoring Coordinator  5416  lblumberg
  Mike Boesz
 CCR Case Manager/Transition Coach  5303  mboesz
  Margaret Bush
College & Career Readiness Instructor  5508  mbush
  Teresa Byrd Assessment Specialist ----  tbyrd
  Michelle Campbell College & Career Readiness Lead Instructor  5306  mcampbell
  Stacy Campbell Scholarship & Tuition Reimbursement/Admin Coordinator  5502  scampbell
  Peter Chomko Grants & Special Projects Manager   ----  pchomko
  Sherki Cohen
Consultant, ECE Programs   ----  scohen 
  Zachary Cohen  Consultant, Communications & Website Maintenance   ---- zcohen
  Dylan Coleburn
Tuition Reimbursement Specialist  5427  dcoleburn
  Teresa Collins
Executive Director (Acting), Director of ECE Strategy  5101  tcollins 
  Charles Cunningham Union-Management Worksite Liaison  5502  ccunningham
  Nate Dixon
Financial Coach, Culinary Arts & EMT  5419  ndixon
  Den'Nisha Dubose Family Child Care Support Specialist  5425  ddubose
  Arlyn Freed ESL Program Coordinator  5304  afreed
  Christine Hackett
Case Manager, Opioid Crisis & Apprenticeship Programs   ----  chackett 
  Ellisiah Hall
STEAM Scholars Coordinator, Vaux High School   ----  ehall
  Lynette Hazelton Communications Manager  5510  lhazelton
  Bernadette Jackson Nurse Aide Manager & Acting Director, HTTI  5403  bjackson
  Dawn Johnson Workforce Manager  5405  dwjohnson
  Mark Karcz Apprenticeship Strategy Manager  5310  mkarcz
  James Keller Director of Employer & Career Services  5104  jkeller
  Traci Kinsler HTTI Nurse Aide Program Administration  5402  tkinsler
  Kristine Scanlon (Kochel) ECE Apprenticeship Case Manager   ----  kkochel
  Valry Leroy
Youth Occupational Training Case Manager  5411  vleroy
  Kahlil Mack Financial Aid Coordinator  5506  kmack
  Juanita Mills Budget Analyst  5703  jmills
  James Moretti Director of Finance & Administration  5105  jmoretti
  Shona Murphy
HTTI Lead Nursing Instructor  5408  smurphy
  Mariam Oladosu
Occupational Safety Center Program Assistant  5423  moladosu
  Oladoyin Onawole Educational Data Specialist  5426 oonawole 
  Renee Orgill Practical Nursing Program Administration   5603  rorgill
  Lydia Parsons
Youth Occupational Training Lead Coordinator  5311  lparsons
  Karen Poles
Nursing Director, HTTI Chief Administrative Officer  5106  kpoles
  Sharon Pugh Accounting/HR Office  5702  spugh
  Jen Reibsane  Occupational Safety Center Training Coordinator  5423  jreibsane
  Lowreen Richardson CCR Data Specialist  5307  lrichardson
  Stephen Ridley Career Pathways/Behavioral Health  5511  sridley
  Vince Robinson College & Career Readiness Instructor  5508  vrobinson
  Erika Shearlds-Hill
Retention Coach, Culinary Arts & EMT  5415  ehill
  Whedai Sheriff "All Learning Counts" Program Manager  5409  wsheriff
  Bhasil Simmons
Youth Supports Specialist   ----  bsimmons
  Harriet Smith
P/T Consultant  5803  hsmith
  Todd Streigel Lead Instructor, GED to Health Careers  5407  tstreigel
  Sharon Taylor
College & Career Readiness Case Manager  5301  staylor
  James Thompson
Front Desk Administrator   ----  jthompson
  Haomin Tian
IT Coordinator  5801  htian
  Valda Xavier
Tuition Reimbursement Specialist  5503  vxavier
  Lisa Woodford Apprenticeship Program Administration Specialist  5420  lwoodford
  Stephanie Webb Senior Programs Manager  5308  swebb
  Michael Westover
Director of College & Career Readiness Programs  5514  mwestover
  Francine Wharton
ECE Apprenticeship Program Coordinator (Delco/Chesco)   ----  fwharton
  Roland Williams  Lead Coordinator, GED to Health Careers Program  5407  rwilliams
  Geoff Woodland
College & Career Readiness Instructor  5305  gwoodland
Practical Nursing Program Administration
Practical Nursing Program Administration

Natalie McGraw Nurse Aide Program Lead Instructor