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Program Information

For a detailed overview of the District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund's Practical Nursing Program, please register for and attend a Program Information Session.

General Information & Practical Nursing Program Policies

  • Students must receive a grade of 80% or better in all courses in the Practical Nursing curriculum.
  • Students must pass a drug dosage/calculation test in Level II and Level III, and a medication proficiency skills test, before they can administer medication at the clinical site.
  • Students must meet the Essential Functional Abilities. These are abilities that include but are not limited to bending, lifting, hearing and sight. A full list is included in the Program Admissions Packet.
  • Students with disabilities who meet all program prerequisites, and submit (at student's expense) documentation of an Essential Functional Abilities evaluation signed by a health professional and stating that they are able to perform as Practical Nurses in clinical settings, are admitted. It is the responsibility of the student to document that she/he meets the physical/mental/legal requirements for state certification.
  • Along with medical clearances, blood titers, 2-step PPD or chest x-ray and flu vaccine, students are required to complete a drug screen, PA criminal background check, FBI background check, and PA Child Abuse Clearance prior to starting classes. Clinical agencies reserve the right to require random drug tests as deemed necessary. Students are required to repeat PA criminal background check, PA Child Abuse Clearance, flu vaccination and PPD at the start of Year Two.
  • Additional Program Policies are included in the Practical Nursing Program Handbook and Student Handbook. The Program Handbook and Student Handbook are distributed to all students accepted into the Program.

Clinical Experience

All students enrolled in the Training Fund's Practical Nursing Program must complete the clinical requirements for each level.

  • Individual contracts are in effect with each affiliated clinical agency, and these contracts may differ in requirements made of students. Clinical agencies reserve the right to dismiss a student from their agency at any time with due cause. This will be done with advance notice, except in emergencies.
  • Proper uniform must be worn. Students must adhere to published clinical facility policies.
  • The school recommends that all students carry accident insurance and personal health insurance due to inherent risk of exposure to disease. The school and clinical agency do not assume responsibility for accidents/incidents requiring medical attention.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from all participating facilities, and must be on time for the clinical experience.
  • Student resources:

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For additional information about the District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund's Practical Nursing Program Policies, please contact Renee Orgill  or call 215-568-2220, ext. 5603.

Present State Board of Nursing Status: Full Approval