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Governor Tom Wolf visits Training Fund to talk apprenticeship, adult education, and healthcare workers' important role in the PA economy

Governor met with students and hosted a roundtable discussion on apprenticeships with Training Fund students, employers, and community partners 

Philadelphia, PA - April 3rd, 2017: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf visited the Training Fund’s Breslin Learning Center today, learning about the Fund’s integrated education and training model, and celebrating the important role the Training Fund plays as one of Pennsylvania’s premier healthcare workforce intermediaries.

Governor Wolf used the opportunity of his visit to the Training Fund – an emerging national leader in the development of healthcare and human service Registered Apprenticeship programs – to host a roundtable discussion on apprenticeships with students, employers, unions and community partners. 

“Much like 1199C, I see the need for aligning workforce programs, including apprenticeships, with the needs of employers,” Governor Wolf said. “Apprenticeship programs such as the ones at District 1199C are providing access to career pathways in healthcare and human services for incumbent workers and job seekers through education, training and work-based learning. What better way to connect people to jobs that pay than integrating employer needs with worker training.”

Training Fund Executive Director Cheryl Feldman was honored by the Governor’s decision to host his apprenticeship roundtable at the Training Fund, and thankful for the Commonwealth’s support of apprenticeship programs in non-traditional industries. “Our apprenticeship programs are advancing the skills and wages of incumbent workers and also providing great opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed to gain access to employment with benefits along a career pathway and real advancement opportunities,” said Feldman.

In addition to the roundtable, Governor Wolf began his visit with a tour of the Breslin Center. During his tour, the Governor met and spoke with students in many of the Training Fund’s occupational and educational programs – out-of-school youth pursuing high school credentials in our GED to College Success program or just beginning their career pathways as behavioral health pre-apprentices; working adults balancing their job and their education while they study to become Licensed Practical Nurses; and students of all ages in our academic and workforce education programs who thanked the governor for his support of adult education, assisting them in getting their high school equivalency so they can move on to college level occupational courses and nursing programs.

“The students are so proud of their interaction with Governor Wolf,” said Feldman, “and they are thrilled to have had the opportunity to personally thank him for the Commonwealth’s support of education and training under his administration!”

District 1199C President Henry Nicholas seconded her remarks: “The Governor understands the importance of strong and solid career pathways into secure futures for low-wage workers. It was a pleasure to show off our health care training facility and for Governor Wolf to meet some of our student apprentices.”

All in all, there were nearly 150 people present for the Governor’s visit – groundbreaking healthcare apprentices, Training Fund students and alumni, representatives from some of Philadelphia’s largest healthcare employers and labor unions, secondary and post-secondary education leaders and advocates, as well as local policymakers and leaders in the non-profit education and community development fields.

We thank Governor Wolf for his visit, and hope that he has left Philadelphia with a better and deeper understanding of the great work in education, training and employment that Commonwealth funding allocated by his administration and the state legislature has helped to support and grow in Southeast Pennsylvania.

For more information about our healthcare and human service Registered Apprenticeship programs, or our core education and training programming, please contact Training Fund Executive Director Cheryl Feldman at

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UPDATE: Governor Wolf's visit to the Training Fund was featured in a number of local media outlets' coverage, including:

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Created in 1974 by collective bargaining agreements between District 1199C of the National Union of Hospital & Health Care Employees (NUHHCE) and Philadelphia hospitals, the District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund has grown to include more than 50 acute care hospitals, long term care and behavioral health facilities, and homecare agencies. A uniquely designed labor management partnership, the Training Fund broke new ground at its founding with a commitment to serve both union members and the community. 

Today, the Training Fund serves over 5,000 students annually at the 35,000-square foot Breslin Learning Center in Center City Philadelphia. The Fund’s student-centered approach to education and training incorporates individualized career coaching and case management to help individuals obtain the educational credentials and professional certifications they will need to achieve their academic and career goals. Uniquely, though, all fund training programs are designed on an integrated educational model that advances students towards their academic and career goals simultaneously, incorporating contextualized workforce preparation into academic courses and literacy supports into occupational courses