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Sharing Our Heritage Day at the Training Fund Celebrates a Successful 20th Anniversary

Annual Training Fund event has recognized and celebrated the diverse backgrounds of our student body, faculty and staff for two decades 

Philadelphia, PA - February 28th, 2017 - text by Jessica Soriano: Students and staff of diverse ethnic backgrounds gathered together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sharing Our Heritage, an annual event where our community shares personal anecdotes, meaningful memories, cultural artifacts and family recipes.
The event was filled with joy, laughter, empathy and compassion, as the audience eagerly listened to each presentation. Many cultures were represented – African American, African, Algerian, Colombian, Filipino, French, Italian, Indian, Jamaican, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. While each person shared their individual experience, there is much that we share. No matter where we come from, we all want the same things. Our struggles may be different, but we all have the ability to persevere and be respectful of one another.
"Our social work interns, Jess Soriano, Daria Waite and Mike Boesz, worked hard to organize a great Sharing Our Heritage Day with two sessions occurring in the morning and evening," explained Training Fund Executive Director Cheryl Feldman. "I also want to thank Harriet Smith, the founder of this wonderful event which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. We look forward to next year’s event!"