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District 1199C Training Fund Executive Director Cheryl Feldman recognized at 2017 Social Innovation Awards

Training Fund Executive Director Cheryl Feldman named second runner-up in ​Education Innovators ​category at Greater Philadelphia Innovation Awards. 

Philadelphia, PA - January 31st, 2017 - Text adapted from Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal: District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund Executive Director Cheryl Feldman was honored as the second runner-up in the "Education Innovators" category at the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Awards last week. Peter Grollman, of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/City of Philadelphia/Free Library South Philadelphia Community Health and Literacy Center, was named the region's top Education Innovator, while the other runner-up was Kitchen Cred founder Doug Bard.

Cheryl was honored for her efforts to create successful healthcare career path models and help thousands of workers and community members get good jobs or advance. "Cheryl works endlessly to innovate and is a nationally recognized healthcare workforce leader who has significantly advanced economic opportunity for many community members," her commendation reads.

The Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal's ​Greater Philadelphia Innovation Awards ​seek to bring notoriety to those individuals and organizations working toimprove life for individuals and communities through social innovations. The Awards are intended to:
     » Promote a culture of bold thinking and problem solving
     » Increase awareness and build a culture for social enterprise and entrepreneurship
     » Assist award nominees and winners in telling their stories and strengthening their initiatives
     » Build active participation from the Social Innovations Journal readers
     » Support a growing community of entrepreneurs and Innovators.

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